Welcome to the Rendell Park School Library!

Check out these free online resources during the COVID Pandemic. There is an endless list of resources available right now, but these are a few I have flagged as easy to use and well put together. Please email me at melanie.sherbinin@lpsd.ca if you need help with any of these resources or are looking for additional resources.


Curbside Library Book Return


WHO: Rendell Park Families

WHAT: Curbside Library Book Return

WHEN: Thursday, June 4th  10am-2pm

WHERE: Rendell Park School Bus Lane

WHY: Let’s return as many Rendell Park Library Books as we can so our library is ready to go in September.

HOW: Simply drive through the Rendell Park bus lane and Mrs. Sherbinin will meet you at your vehicle with the book return bin. Drop your library books in from the safety of your vehicle…..no-contact book return! Email Mrs. Sherbinin at melanie.sherbinin@lpsd.ca with any questions. 

Rapping to Dr. Seuss

Filmmaker Wes Tank has taken some of Dr. Seuss's most popular stories and rapped them over Dr. Dre beats in a mashup so perfect it's a wonder it hasn't been done a million times before. So much fun!!!


Saskatoon Public Library

What a busy place! Be sure to check out the Saskatoon Public Library for its' daily (not Sundays) Storytime Online and Boredom Busters videos. From here, you will be linked to their YouTube site, but the activities can also be accessed through twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 


Tumble Books

This online library includes a wide variety of picture books, graphic novels, and National Geographic videos. There is a read aloud function as well for many of the selections. From the website, choose Tumble Book Library and then log in, in the top right corner, using the following credentials. This site will be available for student use until the end of June. Good fit for Grades K-6.

Username: rpschool         Password: trial


Just released!!!! A free information book explaining the Coronavirus to children...

Click on the image to the right and then scroll to the bottom of the page to read the creatively illustrated and informative book.

Storyline Online

This website streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations. New books are added each month. Good fit for Grades K-3. 


Being offered free for April - June 2020! This is a listen only book site but there are many great selections to choose from. Good fit for Grades K-6.



Students should be familiar with EPIC as it is used in most classrooms. Students should have a classroom password they already use (contact classroom teacher for password). There is a selection of audiobooks, graphic novels, novels, and picture books at assorted reading levels. Student reading is tracked to record progress. Good fit for grades K-6.


Raz-Kids delivers over 400 interactive, leveled eBooks with open-book eQuizzes. New books are added every month. Students require a password (although it is free right now!) which most classroom teachers have provided as this site is used year round. Good fit for grades K-6.


SORA offers a state-of-the-art reading experience. Whether you’re reading for class or for fun, Sora’s ebook reader makes it easy. You can add bookmarks, make notes and highlights, define words, and more. This site is just like borrowing a book from the library but read online or downloaded to a device. Students choose Lloydminster Public School Division as their "school" and use their regular school computer log in username and password. Good fit for grades K-6.

Big Timber Media

This site has a great selection of fiction and non-fiction books available. Books are categorized by grade level and the site is easy to navigate. No passwords required. Good fit for grades K-6.

Ever been to an Escape Room??? Try these great adventures:

Sherlock Holmes Digital Escape Room

Escape the Fairy Tale: Part 1

Marvel's Avengers: Escape from the Hydra Base!

Escape from Star Killer Base! (Star Wars)

Pikachu's Rescue

Cinderella's Escape

Spy Apprentice Adventure