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Classes suspended indefinitely

The Government of Saskatchewan has suspended classes indefinitely, effective March 20, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Welcome To Rendell Park School!

Rendell Park makes Literacy a Top Priority!

At Rendell Park Elementary School, literacy programming is a top priority. This priority is supported both through staff collaboration and our student-first approach towards literacy. Mixer is a major component of our literacy program. How the Mixer process begins with collecting students reading data.

Using those findings, students are then split up based on their current reading level and individualized reading needs. A variety of different school personnel (classroom teachers, ESTs, the literacy coach, administration and educational assistants) then work with students to challenge more advanced readers and provide more focused instruction to those who require more support.

Our literacy team truly represents the whole school. There is representation from each grade level, Student Services, the Literacy Coach and administration. This team has driven professional development and worked towards making common reading and writing assessments and ensuring common language within grade level groups.

There have been many celebrations at our school this year around literacy. An area that we like to celebrate is our classroom environments.

It is evident when walking through our building and while visiting classrooms that they have an inviting atmosphere and are centres to promote literacy. Teachers have taken a lot of care not only in creating a classroom environment through decor, but are also taking the time to pick quality pieces of literature to house in their classrooms.

Another celebration would be the efforts to revitalize the library. Again, an effort was made to make the library visually more appealing, but the greatest gain has been adding new books to our collection.

Our librarians this year have found creative ways to acquire new books and it sure has benefited our students!

The Million Minute Challenge was a school-wide event to promote reading both at home and at school. Rendell Park tracked reading minutes since the Easter Break. The goal was to reach a total of one million minutes when adding all students reading Grades 1-6. This event helped raise the profile of literacy amongst the school community and raised student engagement in reading!


Discover how the Lloydminster Public School Division puts your child's education first through its literacy priority!

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